52 project: second chance

This week (week 27!), the 52 project assignment was second chance, where we were asked to go back through the last six months and take a second chance to photograph assignments we missed or improve on our previous post. Since I didn’t have any missed assignments, I decided to pick a few assignments here to cover, the first two to improve upon the previous submission and the last one just for fun!

The top left photo is Oscar, a silly 8 week old 2 pound guy available for adoption at the shelter I volunteer at, representing the spots assignment because of his cute little spot on his head. And the top right is Leonardo and Raphael, for the repetition assignment. Leonardo and Raphael are two of eleven 2 week old great dane mix puppies rescued by the same shelter after their mom was hit by a car. All of these guys have been in the care of AARF, who have been dedicated to bottle feeding the pups back to health!

And last but not least, let’s say this is a combination of “50mm”, “humor”, and “strange behavior” assignments, a video of Milton and Roger’s antics:

Next up, check out Jenny Froh’s Pet Photography Blog to see what she & the rest of the gang have in store for their second chance shots!

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