52 project: motion

This week’s 52 project assignment was motion. My husband and I have been playing around with the GoPro helmet cam (shown on the right). He originally got the camera for making ski videos while we lived in Utah, but most recently the camera has recorded our mountain bike rides in North Carolina.

For this week’s assignment, I wanted to try something a little different. Milton obliged to letting me mount the helmet cam on his back, similar to where he wears his hiking backpack. And then we went trail running on a nearby trail in Winston-Salem, NC. I created a video from Milton’s mad directing skills. Hopefully the video doesn’t cause motion sickness!!

After we got about a half an hour of footage, I wore the camera and switched it to interval photo taking mode. I found a few interesting photos among the hundreds of (!!!) snapshots, shown below.

Now check out Tails from The Lab to see how Bill and Nat interpreted the assignment and following the links until you make it back to Milton’s silly video!

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