52 project: landscape

This weeks 52 project was “landscape”, chosen by yours truly! I chose this assignment because I’ve felt that the recent assignments (in their element, perspective, & ears) have resulted in a lot of intimate & close-up photos and I thought it would be a fun challenge to get outside, shoot wider, and be inspired by landscape photography.

Shooting good landscape photos can be hard! Sometimes in pet photography, I find that it’s easy to take away surrounding elements but it’s hard to decide what to add back in to the photo from your surroundings in a way that doesn’t distract from the main subject(s). The photo above was taken on a short hike in Tanglewood Park, and the photos below were taken in a grass field near our house in Winston-Salem after a fetch session.

And now check out Karla Ogilvie’s Pet Photography Blog and follow the links to see how the other members of our 52 project group accomplished this week’s “landscape” assignment.

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