52 project: from the hip

This week’s 52 project assignment was from the hip, a photography technique where you are more or less shooting from around the hip without looking through the viewfinder at all. During a fetch session with Milton, Roger, and foster Skipper, I went out to fulfill this assignment. I didn’t look through the viewfinder for all 316 photos on a 8GB card, but as expected I deleted about 90% of the photos which were out of focus, or just photos of the grass.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty interesting challenge. It made me realize that I have a lot of practice with very posed photos, but less so with the candid photos such as the ones shown above. I think photo sessions have room for both posed and candid photos and this is definitely a method worth spending more time on to perfect.

And now, check out Karla Ogilvie’s Pet Photog Blog to see what Karla came up with. And keep clicking through the blog ring until you come back to Skipper!

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