52 project: first thing

That’s not Milton [on the right]!!

This week’s 52 project assignment was first thing in the morning, which asked us to photograph our pet’s daily morning routine. This week has been an exciting one with the presence of a temporary foster from AARF shown above on the right, Emmitt! We haven’t had quite our normal routine because Emmitt is a 5 month old energetic and curious puppy that has drained the energy out of Milton and Roger with all of his required playtime.

But our morning routine has been pretty similar: every morning, the dogs wake up with my husband, then go back to sleep with me, then wake up an hour later, and finally we all move to my at-home-office down the hall and the dogs come along with me. They lay in the chaise next to my desk while I work, typically undisturbed until lunch time when the dogs are ready to venture outside.

Now, check out Hans Paul Studio Pet Photog Blog to see what the rest of the gang’s morning routine looks like!

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