52 project: born this way

This week’s 52 project was song title where we were supposed to pick a song title and shoot to the song. I chose the song “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga, and here’s what I came up with:

So, this one needs a bit of a backstory: Meet Winston, formerly Michelangelo of this litter. AARF, an animal rescue here in Winston-Salem, took in and bottle fed 6 puppies of a litter of 11 after the mom was sadly hit by a car and did not survive in good health. Fast forward 6 months and here’s Winston, still such a goofball and a bit camera shy. On my photo session with him over the weekend, his bottle feeding foster came with and noted, “Mikey is the same! He’s just like he was when he was little, just bigger!”. So, Mikey was born this way and I bet he’ll stay charismatic and goofy!

And now, check out what the rest of the 52 project gang came up with by kicking off with Boston Pet Photographer Blue Amrich and keep clicking through until you come back to Winston.

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