52 project: backlighting

This week’s 52 project assignment was “Backlighting”, which asked for backlighting and maybe some nice sun flare, backlighting, and halos.

This week, I’ve been on “half” vacation up in Lummi Island, Washington, which is off the coast about 2 hours north of Seattle and just south of Canada. The weather has been lovely (compared to North Carolina hot humidity) and my host has set me up with many dog photo shoots.

Today’s photo shows Curtis, a 12 year old Australian Shepherd mix. Curtis recently had stomach surgery, but now we are all very happy to see him recover and ready to be photographed! Here he picks up a bit of the afternoon backlighting from the cabinets.

Now, go check out Liz Stabbert’s Pet Photography Blog to see how she & the rest of the Beautiful Beasties gang interpreted the assignment!

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