52 project: accoutrements

The Week 15 assignment in my 52 week project was “accoutrements”, chosen by one our Canadian group members. Accoutrements is a French word for accessories. It’s funny — in our house, we have two copies of almost every dog accessory: two leashes, two crates, two food bowls, and don’t forget the two Kongs!

With the exception of the leashes and tennis ball, Kongs are the favorite in our household as they usually come filled with dog food and peanut butter. A couple of Kong action shots are shown above. When Milton’s not going after the Kong, he watches over it so Roger won’t steal it. And oh do I love cleaning up the micro-suede couches after the Kong’s are out!

Now, check out Stacey Axelrod’s Pet Photography Blog to see how all the participants from the Professional Pet Network interpreted this assignment.

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