52 project: 50mm

This week’s 52 project assignment was “50mm”, an open-ended assignment. I had different aspirations when I headed to the dog park with my family of fetch-lovers, but I ended up choosing a collection of some of my favorite representative photos of our fetch session.

The 50mm lens is my go-to lens for dog shelter shooting and it’s synonymous to me with low f-stop / high aperture shooting since I’ve shot with both the Canon 50mm f/1.8 and f/1.4. I usually go for it when I want a really blurry backround, nice bokeh, and/or some nice lens flare. And with the greater aperture values, you can still shoot at pretty high shutter speeds in lower light conditions, which is great for moving animals!

Now, check out The Fetch Blog to see how Claire & the rest of the Beautiful Beasties gang interpreted this assignment!

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